A Day in the Life

July 1, 2018

How is it already July? Where did June go? It feels like just yesterday I was boarding the plane to Philly to start my Peace Corps journey. But it turns out that was actually almost a month ago. I am about to start my fifth week in Moldova. The upcoming week is filled with some exciting milestones. On Friday, I will learn where my permanent site will be and what organization I will be working with. On Saturday, I will meet my work partner, host-family and permanent community!

Before I reach that point in my journey I thought I would give you a glimpse of what my life during Pre-Service Training (PST) has looked like so far.

A day in the life of Paige:

7:00am – wake up, get ready for school.

7:30am – enjoy breakfast with Mama Maria and Tata Petru; usually an omelette from our fresh eggs, oatmeal, or every now and again pasta with meat.

7:50am – make the 4 minute walk to school. (I am very lucky it is on my street!)

8:00am – 12:00pm – language class where we practice both everyday and business Romanian for success in our communities.

12:00pm – lunch. Mama Maria makes me a packed lunch of fresh soup, bread, and vegetables or potatoes, meat, and vegetables.

1:00pm – head to our neighboring village for technical training with all COD volunteers.

1:30pm – 5:30pm – technical training which includes everything from community mapping, running informational interviews, SWOT analysis, and planning community and youth events.

5:30pm – head home for the evening.

6:00pm – help Mama Maria prepare dinner and/or set the table.

6:30pm – dinner with my host family. typically a delicious array of  carbs: potatoes, pasta, rice or mamaliga (sort of like grits but also not at all like grits); protein: chicken wings, fried chicken, BBQ chicken sausage, or soup with chicken; vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, fried zucchini all straight from the garden; fruit: cherries, apricots, plums also fresh from our garden and finally bread. bread is a very important food staple in Moldovan culture with a lot of meaning. it is served at every meal.

7:15pm – work on my homework and practice my Romanian with Mama Maria. while she does the dishes, I sit in the kitchen and we repeat my new vocab words from the day’s lesson.

8:30pm – take a shower and get ready for bed.

9:15pm – nightly call to my American parents for the day’s updates and any news back home. followed by some final studying then reading.

10:30pm – lights out.

*This is what my typical Monday – Friday looks like with a few exceptions. On Thursdays, we travel to hub-site and have trainings will all 60 M33s (my class of Peace Corps Moldova volunteers). On Saturdays I have language class from 8:00am – 1:00pm, no technical training. On Sundays, I usually attend church with Mama Maria then we have a large lunch with friends and family. Sunday afternoons are spent studying or working on group projects. On occasion we have field trips, we have visited a current volunteer at the NGO she works with. This past Saturday, visited three local monasteries.

I have included a few pictures above to give you some imagery to go along with my day to day life. I look forward to be sharing you news about my permanent site next week!

Love and hugs from Moldova,



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